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We have developed a set of services and turnkey model to allow chiropractic practices to operate fully using Macintosh based technologies.

Patient Management - Through our partnership with Edge Health Services, we can deliver a Mac OS X native solution to fully manage all patient records and your practice. Learn More...

Subluxation - Measuring and communicating Neuro-spinal health can be challenging. Many Chiropractors opt for equipment such as the Insight Millennium Subluxation Station™ for measurement and charting of anomalies. This system usually requires a Windows-based PC for operation. With all the inherent insecurities and unreliabilities of PCs, this means risk for your clinic. We have tools that will allow us to integrate this Windows-based system on Mac OS X in your environment. Now you can reduce the risk of your clinical diagnostic equipment being compromised by viruses, trojans and spyware. Contact us now for a demonstration.

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