MacSpeech Dictate Medical

Premier speech recognition for Mac OS X.

MacSpeech Dictate Medical is the premier Macintosh speech recognition solution for medical and dental professionals. Forget about typing; with MacSpeech Dictate Medical you’re free to focus on what you have to say. MacSpeech Dictate Medical’s accuracy and capabilities make it as fun, productive, and intuitive to use as the Mac itself. MacSpeech Dictate Medical provides:

Amazing Accuracy

MacSpeech Dictate Medical provides an astounding accuracy rate of up to 99% … near perfection. Of course, you can continue to increase accuracy as you use MacSpeech Dictate Medical. Moreover, MacSpeech Dictate Medical NEVER misspells a word. With MacSpeech Dictate Medical, typos are a thing of the past.

Essential Command Capabilities

Instead of using your mouse to select menu commands or your keyboard to type shortcuts, just speak a command. MacSpeech Dictate Medical executes it for you. What’s more, MacSpeech Dictate Medical understands key commands. With the ‘Press The Key’ and ‘Press The Key Combo’ commands, you can enter specific keys and even keyboard modifiers like Command, Option, Shift, and Control. That makes you more productive and MacSpeech Dictate Medical more intuitive. What could be better?

Make Your Move
You don’t need a keyboard or mouse to move around in your documents. MacSpeech Dictate Medical lets you move your cursor forwards, backwards, and much more with just your voice. It helps make editing your documents a breeze.

Works With The Apps You Already Have

MacSpeech Dictate Medical works seamlessly with apps like MacPractice MD, MacPractice, DDS, MacPractice 20/20, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, and many more. MacSpeech Dictate Medical also works great with Apple’s applications as well, including iChat, Mail, iPhoto, and Keynote, among others. Plus, MacSpeech Dictate Medical is optimized for performance with two of the cornerstone applications for the Mac, Microsoft Word and Apple’s TextEdit.

Transcribe from Audio Files

Transcribe from almost any audio file available on your computer with MacSpeech Scribe Medical. It is a low-cost add-on to MacSpeech Dictate Medical.

Full Service

Gemsbok technologies will help you in all aspects of integrating MacSpeech Dictate into your practice. We will:

  1. Provide you with software

  2. Analyze your needs and clinical workflow

  3. Install and integrate the software based on your unique way of working

  4. Provide tutorial sessions and training

  5. Provide service and problem solving expertise

Please contact us for a demonstration, arrangement of a pilot project to test or information about purchasing.

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